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07 October 2007 @ 12:32 am
So Contagious [1/1]  

Title: So Contagious 1/1
Rated: NC-17 for sexual content ;)
Pairings: Alex/Callie & George/Izzie (implied)
Disclaimer: I don’t own them, if I did this would’ve happened a long time ago.
Summary: A one-shot of what I wish would happen after seeing the first episode of Season 4. Callie has a small meltdown, Alex is there to pick up the pieces and together they temporarily forget about their lost loves. There’s room for a sequel so don’t be surprised if this turns into something more.

Oh no, this couldn’t be more unexpected
And I could tell that I’ve been moving
In so slow, don’t let it throw you off too far
‘Cause I’ll be running right behind you.

Could this be out of line?
Could this be out of line?
To say you’re the only one
Breaking me down like this
You’re the only one I would
Take a shot on.
Keep me hanging on
So contagiously

Oh, Oh... When I’m around you
I’m predictable ‘cause I believe in
Loving you at first sight I know its
Crazy but I’m hoping to, to take a hold of you.

Oh you’re everything I wanted
Come to think of it I’m aching
On account of my transgression
You welcome this confession


“KAREV!” Callie screamed from the inside of a conference room.
Alex reluctantly entered the room upon hearing his name being yelled out into the hallway of Seattle Grace.
“What?!” Alex asked rudely once he realized who it was that was calling him.
“Don’t WHAT me, Karev, I don’t care that you don’t like me I prefer it if you don’t actually but I will not tolerate being treated as your peer or someone that you can just simply ignore. You can go to whomever with this, I’m your superior and if you don’t like it you can leave right now. I am CHIEF RESIDENT you will not sass me, you will not give me attitude, you will treat me with respect or so help me GOD you will be in the pit for the rest of your pathetic life. ARE WE CLEAR, KAREV?!”

Alex simply looked at Callie and began to walk out of the conference room. Callie quickly got in his way and closed the door before he had a chance to escape.

“Is this how you treat your problems, Alex?” sassed Callie “You attempt to run away? You’re a doctor, Karev. Grow a pair. You don’t want to mess with me today, Alex…not today.”
“Oh right, and today’s a better day to mess with me?”
“You started this Alex, I did nothing to you. I was professional; I was doing my job. I’m doing a kick ass job as Chief Resident and I was a good wife…a good friend and I get NOTHING in return. WHY? All I wanted was to be respected and loved for who I am. I may not be a blonde stacked supermodel but I’m HOT dammit,” Callie walked over to the table and put her head down and cried. “You’re excused Alex, you can leave… go to Bailey or someone you actually listen to.”

Callie hadn’t expected Alex to walk over to where she was sitting and rest his hand on her shoulder. He kneeled beside her, his hand never leaving its place; Callie looked down at him and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“What are you still doing here Karev?”
“I can’t just leave you here crying over someone who really isn’t worth it. Bambi didn’t know how good he had it, now he has a bubbling mess on his hands. She says she loves him. That’s bullshit. She doesn’t love him; she doesn’t love anyone but herself. I can’t wait till she kicks him in the face and sends him packing. I would love to see him living with his mother again. Izzie… all she’s going to do is mess him up more than he already is, he’ll be begging to come back to you. You changed him; you made him own up to things... Izzie, she’ll just baby him; that’s what she’s always done. The day Bambi realizes that he made a mistake is the day he’ll beg to be with you again” Alex replied.

Callie blinked twice to make sure she wasn’t imagining all of this. “Why are you being nice to me, Karev?”
“I know I’m an ass, I know I can be an asshole about a lot of things but I try my hardest not to make women cry and I hate guys that think its ok to hurt women.” Alex said while offering Callie a tissue from the pack he always carried in his pocket. “I grew up with my dad thinking it was ok to make my mom cry…and it’s not ok in my book.”
“I’m sorry,” whispered Callie.
“Yeah; look…I’m sorry about being a dick. I’ll try to be…nice to you from now on.”
“I’m not asking for nice, Karev. All I want is to be respected.”
“Fine, I’ll stop being such a dick…to you; I can’t promise about the rest of Seattle Grace.”
“That’s all I ask.” Callie said with a small laugh.

Callie was suddenly very aware of Alex’s hands on her body at that moment; she got up from the seat and started to walk towards the door. As she opened it she caught a glimpse of George and Izzie at the nurses’ station sneaking kisses at each other. She quickly closed the door and leaned against it breathing in deeply.

“What’s wrong?” Alex asked.
“I just need a minute…” Callie responded.
Alex leaned over her and cracked open the door; as soon as he opened it he witnessed a sight that made him nauseous.
“I can see why.” Alex whispered to Callie, still leaning over her.

Callie didn’t even hear Alex; she was too busy looking at his lips move. She didn’t know why but she had a sudden urge to find out what they felt like against hers. Alex must’ve realized that Callie was staring at him because he stopped talking.

“Does my breath stink?” Alex asked raising his hand to his mouth.

Callie didn’t bother responding, she grabbed Alex’s scrub shirt and pulled him closer to her. She brought her lips close to his and ran her tongue along his lips. Alex didn’t know what was going on but as good as Callie’s tongue felt against his lips, he wasn’t going to question it. He snaked his arm around Callie’s neck and pressed his lips against hers; kissing her passionately his tongue stroking hers; both of them fighting for control. Callie’s hands traveled to Alex’s scrub pants, she pulled at the drawstring and they quickly slid to the floor. Alex pulled at Callie’s coat until it hit the floor along with his pants. He then moved his hands to her waist, moving upward he pulled off her shirt exposing her grey cotton bra.

Alex smiled as he dropped her shirt on the floor; reaching up again and unhooking her bra and dropping that too onto the floor. Callie reached in between them and untied her scrub pants and quickly slipped out of them revealing her matching grey cotton boy shorts. Alex licked his lips in anticipation as Callie kneeled down in front of him. She slipped her hands in his boxers and pulled them down anxiously. Alex let out a groan as Callie took him in, her hands moving up and down his cock as her she ran her tongue along the tip and back down again. Alex couldn’t take much more of Callie’s expert tongue on his dick; he picked her up off of the floor taking her in his arms her legs wrapped around his waist he carried her over to the table, being careful that he didn’t fall, being that his scrub pants were still around his ankles. He lay Callie down on the table and quickly pulled off her boy shorts. He placed his member at Callie’s entrance; teasing her by rubbing it up and down her clit.

“Just do it, Alex” Callie whimpered.

Alex quickly obliged; thrusting into her deep and hard. Callie let out a low throaty moan as she met Alex’s rhythm over and over again. Alex placed his thumb on Callie’s clit and rubbed it in circular motions in unison with his thrusting. With each thrust, Callie’s moans grew slightly louder as did Alex’s grunts. Alex was on the verge of reaching his orgasm and he knew that Callie was close too. He pulled out almost completely and in one swift motion he entered her again. Callie’s orgasm hit her hard, her body thrashing with each spasm. Alex’s quickly followed, pumping into Callie with each wave of it. Callie sat up and wrapped one of her arms around Alex’s waist and the other around his neck; kissing his shoulder and collar bone as Alex tried his best to keep on his feet. She heard the door open and witnessed George and Izzie sneaking in the room.

Callie let out a small giggle and Alex turned around and saw what was so funny.
“Sorry, this room is occupied,” she said with yet another small giggle.

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