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Welcome Fellow FanGirls!
Hey Fellow FanGirls. If you're here you already know what it is to be a total fangirl. If you don't I'll let you know, and you'll decide if you are one. Kay? Well a total fangirl is a girl who loves celebrities and everything that has to do with them. A girl who takes it personally when her favorite actress or actor doesn't get that chance or award that you KNOW they deserved. They support their favorite celebs through thick and thin.
Sounds like you? Join up!
You don't have to be a talented graphic maker, I'm sure as hell, I'm not the best one out there. We welcome any icon/graphic makers. If you make fanvids/fanmixes we welcome you too! Don't know about any of that? You just love fanfiction...post your very own here! We welcome it all! We'd love to see your stuff so please feel free to share with us!
Don't do any of these stuff, well you can friend us just to see what people post. Be sure to give credit where credit is due! We welcome gossip with sufficient proof, and we're not limited to TV shows! ANYTHING is welcome! :)
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